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Psychologist Lyudmila Boyanova. He holds a master's degree in economics and a master's degree in psychology. He has been working professionally in economics and business since 2003, and in psychology since 2009. He has competence in a number of areas, including: personality psychology, psychodiagnostics, counseling psychology, psychology of development in childhood and adolescence, social - psychological training, transpersonal psychology, cognitive psychology, influence psychology, behavioral motivation, behavioral motivation, clinical psychology, management of human resources and salary, business strategies and strategic human resource management, information systems in human resource management, entrepreneurship and much more.

Psychologist Maria Koeva. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology with pedagogical qualifications - Teacher of Psychology, and a master's degree in Psychology of Management at the University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski". He has competence in a number of areas of psychology, including: guidelines for working with young people who abuse psychoactive substances, support for children and women victims of violence, work with victims of physical and sexual violence, work with anxiety provoked by various stressful events, family psychology, fears, difficulties with adaptation, social and leadership skills, life and professional crises and much more.

Columnist Tsvetana Valchanova. He is not a psychologist. What can be helpful are sharing personal experience on topics for self-improvement, easier communication with others, a new look at problems in order to solve them faster.



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