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sclerosisHello. As you know, I have the incurable disease of multiple sclerosis. In it, the immune system does not recognize the nervous system and treats it as if it were a virus, destroying it. Without a nervous system, paralysis follows and in a severe final phase - death. I'm divorced. I have a 5 year old son. I would like to see him happy and grown up. That's why I don't have to be sick. The only way to slow down my illness is to start working entirely online, because that will significantly reduce the risk of getting sick. This group, as well as the free e-writing "Psyche" are part of the things we do, along with more people, on the way to the described goal. After the scandals about misuse of donations, which were heard in the media and affected many national foundations, I no longer trust them and I do not want to entrust my campaign to them. I chose a foreign foundation to guarantee every donation. We need your support! Please, if you have the opportunity, donate! Even a small amount is of great importance! Here is a link to the campaign. You can donate securely and verified via the "Contribute" button by following the campaign link below:

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