Inspirational thoughts of Sigmund Freud


  1. We live in a very strange time and we are surprised to note that progress goes hand in hand with barbarism.
  2. We are never as helpless as when we love, and never as hopelessly unhappy as when we lose love.
  3. Much of what is real inside us is not realized, and what is realized is unreal.
  4. Every normal person is practically only partially normal.
  5. The more flawless a person is outwardly, the more demons there are inside him.
  6. We do not choose each other by chance. We meet only those who already exist in our unconscious.
  7. Unfortunately, repressed emotions do not die. They are forced to remain silent. But internally they continue to affect a person.
  8. The task of making man happy was not part of the plan for the creation of the world.
  9. We come into the world alone and leave it alone.
  10. You do not stop looking for strength and confidence outside, but you have to look for yourself. Because they have always been there.
  11. Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanity.
  12. Most people don't really want freedom because it implies responsibility, and people are afraid of it.
  13. He who loves many women knows women; he who loves one knows love.
  14. Envy is destructive.
  15. Dreams are the king's path to the unconscious.
  16. Everyone has desires that he does not share with others, and desires that he does not even admit to himself.
  17. The first person to swear instead of throwing a stone was the father of civilization.
  18. Only the complete absence of sex can be considered a sexual deviation, everything else is a matter of taste.
  19. The first sign of stupidity is the complete absence of shame.
  20. Nothing in life is as expensive as illness and stupidity.
  21. Paranoia is never completely unfounded.
  22. Despite my 30 years of research on the female soul, I have not been able to answer the question that no one has yet answered: "What does a woman want?"
  23. Sex begins when the woman takes the man's hand.
  24. Idlers are seldom visited by idlers, just as flies do not fly over a boiling pot.
  25. When I am criticized, I can defend myself, but I am powerless in the face of praise.
  26. It is human nature to overestimate and want what one cannot achieve.
  27. The only person you have to compare yourself to is you in the past. And the only one you need to be better at is you now.
  28. One never gives up on anything, one simply replaces one pleasure with another.
  29. Before you are diagnosed with depression and low self-esteem, first make sure you are not surrounded by idiots.
  30. Everything you do in bed is wonderful and absolutely right - the only important thing is that you both like it.

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