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Meditation techniques

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Highlights: Meditation is a state of inner relaxation, concentration, visualization, etc. on an object, thought, or state of unconsciousness. It has been practiced in the East for over 5 years. To date, a huge number of meditative techniques have been developed around the world, and this is no accident. 

The great achievement that meditation techniques reveal is actually triggering the body's anti-stress response to return it to its normal state. These techniques take advantage of the fact that the parasympathetic nervous system slows the heart, lowers blood pressure, and calms breathing. This is how meditation becomes the way to avoid a whole series of diseases and has a positive effect on human health.  

Through meditation, one can achieve not only health, but also better concentration, as well as a higher level of consciousness. Meditation can also be used to deal with stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and other such common problems that take their toll on the psyche if left untreated. 

During the online training you will learn:
Techniques and valuable information related to meditation. They are our secrets that we don't share with everyone.
  • Secret 1. Exact mechanism of action of meditative trance;
  • Secret 2. Specific techniques to manage the meditative state;
  • Secret 3. Discover the power of meditation to improve your health, concentration and mental state;
  • Secret 4. How to harness thought and will during meditation;
The topics that will be covered are:

1. General information about meditation.
2. Technique 1. Thought and will. Meditation - first steps.
3. Technique 2. Meditation to create biofeedback.
4. Technique 3. How a person should treat his body and himself in order to be healthy. Flower Seed Meditation.
5. Technique 4. Meditation - a path to health. Emptiness Meditation.
6. Technique 5. Jacobson's system of progressive relaxation.
7. Technique 6. Meditation "Flame".
8. Questions and answers.

Bonus: Access to a specialized Facebook group with over 8 thousand participants.

Presenter: psychologist Lyudmila Boyanova

FEE: 50 lev 

The payment of the fee is made by bank transfer on a proforma invoice, which you will receive at the e-mail specified by you after registration. 


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psychologist Lyudmila BoyanovaPresenter: Psychologist Lyudmila Boyanova.

He holds a master's degree in economics and a master's degree in psychology. Professionally, he has been dealing with economics and business since 2003, and with psychology since 2009. From 2017 to the present, he is the publisher, editor-in-chief, web designer and columnist in the psychology e-magazine "Psychika". He has competence in a number of areas, including: personality psychology, psychodiagnostics, counseling psychology, developmental psychology in children and adolescents, social-psychological training, transpersonal psychology, cognitive psychology, psychology of influence, motivation of behavior, clinical psychology, management of human resources and salary, business strategies and strategic human resource management, information systems in human resource management, entrepreneurship and much more.
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