Gaining confidence

Mastering the technology of managing one's own life in various spheres, allowing to overcome the barriers limiting personal development and potential.

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Coping with stress

Stress, distress, eustress - what are the differences between them and how to not only cope with the load and its consequences, but also to turn things in your favor.

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Hypnosis and autohypnosis

Mechanism of occurrence of hypnotic trance, methods of managing autohypnotic autosuggestion and representation of the power of autosuggestion and others.

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Meditation techniques

Exact mode of action of the meditative trance. Specific techniques for the meditative state. Harnessing thought and will to achieve personal goals.

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Interpretation of dreams

Dreams contain a lot of symbolism and messages, revealing a variety of things. Through the methods of interpretation of dreams in psychology, their hidden meaning is revealed.


Lucid dreaming (LUD)

In lucid dreaming, a person controls the plot of his dream and consciously directs it. We present ways to find yourself in a lucid dream, manage it and remember it.

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