Famous psychologists

Ernst Kretschmer

Ernst Kretschmer is a German psychiatrist and psychologist, professor at the University of Tübingen, creator of the typology of temperaments based on physique. He was born on October 08.10.1888, 1906, in Wustenroth, near Heilbronn. In XNUMX he began to study philosophy, world history, literature and art history in Tübingen, but after two semesters he changed his specialization

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How to handle it

Irritability and how to overcome it

The definition of irritability is that it is an emotional state that is characterized by a negative reaction, often accompanied by aggression and excitement directed at something or someone. The most common causes of irritability are stress, lack of sleep and rest, depression, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), PMS, hormone problems, cigarette use, alcohol, drugs and

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Things of life

Men are idiots

After a long discussion with several friends between the ages of 20 and 50, we came to the conclusion that men are idiots. Now I will tell you why we came to this insight. In the morning we went to the beach with a friend. There we met with more colleagues and friends. We took the beach with mint and sprite (very refreshing) and decided to continue at

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Things of life

The rain purifies

Unbearable heat all day, as in Hell (or in Plovdiv). And an hour ago the sky darkened, thundered, lightning appeared and a delightful downpour poured out. I barely boiled to put on some clothes and flew out into the rain. Boss. Well, there is no such fun !!! I walked slowly, face up in the sky, absorbing every life-giving drop of rain. And it's raining

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The world of teens

5 ways to get rid of the annoying downloader

Girls, you probably like being the object of desire, but sometimes you can't get rid of a nuisance and a stripper who doesn't understand a word when you tell him to "get lost." Here are some methods to get rid of pishman downloaders. ATTENTION! This article is humorous, don't take it seriously. 1. Pretend to roar. Mutter

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Things of life

Fake on social media

I don't like social networks. I have not been a supporter of them for several years now. The deceptive feeling of close-knit families and friendships, conquered career peaks and the seemingly personal happiness bothers me. In general - the false emotions are right there, in cyberspace. You will be surprised to see how these families live behind the front door

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