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Hypnosis - what is it

Millennia ago, in major centers of human civilization such as India, China, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, and others, hypnosis played a healing, religious, and magical role. From the past, they used the fixation of the gaze for hypnosis, for example in crystals (as a promontory). Maybe that's how the stories of what is seen in the crystal balls and the magic mirrors start. Hypnosis

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Things of life

Christmas troubles

As much as I love Christmas movies and fairy tales, I don't like all the fuss and Christmas preparations. For me, the perfect Christmas is a delicious dinner, a glass of red wine and the Dickens movie "Christmas Song" on the computer. However, I am abroad, I live in a dormitory and we celebrate together with a bunch of other roommates. And they are by tradition. According to the tradition of

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the man
Things of life

What women want from a man over 40

At the age of 20, we wanted the man to be handsome, demonic, passionate. Well, we had one. Now, at the age of 40, we already know that we want something different - only quiet happiness. Only after 35 do we become more compliant. And we no longer allow ourselves to be courted by the first handsome man around. Obviously we have the same tastes, but we already say that

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Things of life

Women for male charm

"It's only natural that women are smarter. Have you ever heard of a woman who lost her head because of a man's beautiful legs? Faina Ranevska Sometimes male charm is based only on magic. It is transient. Therefore, the stronger sex must think about what the woman next to him does not like and all chances will

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Our children

Are screen devices harmful to children?

More and more people are asking, "Are screen devices harmful to children?" The reason for this is that it has recently become fashionable to demonize any new technology from certain strata. Especially when it comes to giving it to children. A whole series of people who have a clear fear of mobile phones, tablets and computers,

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technical interference
How to handle it

What is "technical interference" and how to deal with it

In the times we live in, it is difficult to eliminate or downplay technology. If your colleagues, friends and relatives expect you to be available all the time, you must comply. If you do not answer, you must return the call or email immediately! In the next 90 seconds! Anyone who has suffered will tell you that if you don't

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