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They are based on the rule that there is a way out of every life problem through the means of psychology. They are also oriented towards personal transformation and self-improvement. They also cover the scientific basis of psychic phenomena such as dreams, hypnosis, meditation, trance.

e-magazine "Psyche"

We provide you the e-magazine to read from this site for free and open access without registration. In the e-magazine "Psychia" you will find a huge variety of information on various topics from the science of psychology, and we also promote non-standard perspectives on life.

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In our forum, which is accessible from our site, you can get a completely free and anonymous professional psychological consultation from our specialists about your life problem or difficulty. There is no limit to the topic. We will answer you according to our competence in a short time.


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"The man is somewhat like an airplane. The plane can also move on the ground, but to prove that it is an airplane, it must take off. We are in the same way: if we do not rise above ourselves, no one will assume that we can fly. ”

Victor Frankl

"Success means getting what you want. Happiness is what you want. ”

Dale Carnegie

"Keep your visions and dreams carefully, because they are children of your soul, a project of your best achievements."

Napoleon Hill 

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Sooner or later, we all face a situation for which we want to receive an answer and advice, but not from a close person, but from one of the parties. After a consultation through the specialists from the site, it becomes light on the soul, the ambiguities on the problems turn out to be understandable, and the solutions are accessible.
Krassimir Nikolov
Psyche Magazine is my favorite magazine! I follow him regularly. It contains many interesting articles, useful tips and gives food for thought. I am sure that everyone will find something useful in it for themselves, their family and their children.
Sashka Atanasova
mother and housewife
Interviews with leading psychologists, various reading topics not only in the field of psychology, but also in business and personnel management, practical advice, accessible explanations. What more could a man want!
Philip Terziev
I have long wanted to start a consultation with a psychologist, but this happened only because of the possibility that she is from any convenient place online. It is too early for me to talk about results, but the sources of my problems, which previously seemed inexplicable to me, are already clear to me.
Ivan Georgiev
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